We provide volunteer coaching support to help people to make positive changes to improve their independence and wellbeing. Our aim is to help increase people’s resilience through developing their skills, confidence and community networks. How?
* Each person is matched with a coach/mentor who will meet them regularly and facilitate goal-setting and action planning, as they work on a range of goals to improve their quality of life.
* Through ‘guided self-help’ we encourage people to develop their own coping strategies and support networks as they reduce their dependence on services.
* We offer ‘moral support’ to accompany people to appointments or introduce them to groups and activities; and in some cases practical support to resolve a temporary issue that may hinder their progress.

For more information download our Project Leaflet.

Transitions is a project of Exeter Community Initiatives, a local charity that helps people facing inequality, homelessness and coping on a low income. Find out more about Exeter Community Initiatives here.