Transitions – In a Nutshell 

We aim to help adults who are experiencing vulnerability to manage change positively, to combat isolation and to improve overall wellbeing.  We provide resources and support to develop skills, confidence and community networks in order to increase resilience and independence.

* Through ‘guided self-help’ we encourage you to develop your own coping strategies and support networks as you reduce your dependence on services. We provide information and resources, and run small group workshops in which you can practise techniques and learn from others.

*You may be matched with a volunteer who will meet you regularly and facilitate goal-setting and action planning, as you work on a range of goals to improve your quality of life.

* We offer ‘moral support’ to accompany you to appointments or introduce you to groups and activities; and in some cases practical support to resolve a temporary issue that may hinder your progress.

For more information download our project leaflet here.

Transitions is a project of Exeter Community Initiatives, a local charity that works alongside people, families and communities in Exeter and beyond, to build connections, develop capacity, improve wellbeing and support each other.  Find out more about Exeter Community Initiatives here.

Service statement as at 28th July 2022

All our activities are operating within Government COVID guidelines (

Workshops take place both in person and online.  Meet-ups are also taking place in person, with reasonable precautions taken.  Whilst we are not insisting on lateral-flow tests or vaccination passports we are encouraging people to have those vaccinations and provide proof if they can.  Also, we are advising people to wash their hands as much as possible, and advising those with any symptoms not to meet with others.

If people feel more comfortable with additional optional precautions such as wearing masks, meeting outdoors or remaining two metres apart, we’ll do everything we can to support them.

Transitions Leaflet Aug 2022
Transitions Leaflet Aug 2022
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